Your Partner in all things beer

In an exceedingly globalized and competitive economy the importance of highly efficient, reliable and quality-conscious business partners has become more important than ever before. Currently about twenty per cent of our total output is exported worldwide to countries like Italy, the USA or China to name but a few.

In cooperation with foreign importers and distributors we mainly export our self-owned brands. In addition we are also producing under the individual brand names of our customers who are supported in the design and development of their “Private Label” by our team of experts every step along the way.

With our high-performance custom made state of the art filling plant we are able to meet our costumers every demand while computer aided certified quality management ensures our products deliver the required high standards and consistency at all times.

Your Partner in all things beer

There are several styles of beer the Kaiser Bräu is able to produce especially for the export market. Depending on the local preferences we will pick the right flavour and colour tailored to your consumer tastes. In the adjoining box is a short overview of the styles currently being exported around the world by the Kaiser Bräu.

This classic Lager is brewed in keeping with local tradition. Mild, slightly dry and refreshing with a pleasant note of hops.

A light, dry lager. The use of local Bavarian dry hops and its subtle maltiness give this light, dry pilsner lager an evenly mellow taste. (4.9% ABV)

Wheat beer (Weissbier)
A southern German style wheat beer with a typical 50:50 ratio wheat to barley. Wheat beers are unfiltered and therefore appear slightly cloudy. (5.1% ABV)

Wheat beer dark (Weissbier dunkel)
Similar to “Weissbier” but made from dark-roasted malt for a somewhat nuttier taste, Wheat beers are unfiltered and therefore appear slightly cloudy. (5.4% ABV)

Kellerbier (Zwick’l)
This naturally opaque light amber coloured lager is  bottled without filtration to preserve all its natural goodness. (5.4% ABV)

Landbier (dark)
A Munich Dunkel Lager made from dark-roasted barley malt to give the beer a dark amber colour and the typical full-bodied taste. (5.4% ABV)

Schwarzbier (black)
Silky smooth and black in colour this dark Lager surprises with its unique taste of sweet caramel.

Containers for export

Cans are the favoured trading unit when it comes to exporting beer to countries far away. Almost the entire export trade of the Kaiser is based on cans of different sizes and properties. Cans are easy to pack, they are a lot more durable and more cost effective than any other container and the contents are better shielded against environmental hazards. There are 3 different sizes of cans:

  • 0,33 l aluminium container with pull ring opener
  • 0,5 l aluminium container with pull ring opener
  • 5 l steel container with integrated tap

For overseas transport the cans are combined to make up the following units:

  • 24 x 0,5 l or 0,33 l tray shrink wrapped with foil
  • 2 x 5 l party cans which are not shrink wrapped


Kaiser Bräu is proud to employ one of the most efficient filling plants for 0.3 l and 0.5 l cans in Germany. The modular design makes it easy to modify the equipment to fit to any container and any content. The cans are being filled, date-stamped, washed and machine-dried before being automatically put into the tray and stacked onto the pallet. The pallets are then shrink-wrapped and loaded into seaworthy containers for shipping to locations all over the world.

The time from order to the hand over to the shipping agent is kept very short allowing orders to be processed within one month from receiving the order to the ready packed goods leaving our premises.

How we can help you

Our experts will be issuing all the necessary documents needed to process your order without any problems. These include among others all the necessary commercial documents like delivery notes and invoices as well as health certificates, certificates of origin and customs documents.

In cooperation with your shipping agent we will organize dates and times for the containers to be delivered to the ports in order to minimize costs for storage and to ensure smooth transaction between all parties involved.

Product Development

If your aim is to establish your own brand of beer for trading in any country, where our own brand names are already licenced out to another of our trading partners, our team of professionals will be at hand to support you in developing that brand from choosing the appropriate container to the design of the container. We will either handle the production on your behalf or connect you with the right people to do the job for you.

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